Recording Studio Policy

1. The Library Use and Behavior Expectation Policy applies to all those inside the recording studio.

2. All patrons must sign the Birchard Public Library Recording Studio User Agreement to use any equipment in the recording studio.

3. The Recording Studio is available to anyone 13 years or older with a Birchard library card in good standing. Users 13-17 must have a parent or guardian sign the agreement form on their behalf before using the Recording Studio.

4. Minors must sign Birchard Library’s Internet Access Policy to use the recording studio.

5. You must complete a studio orientation training session to edit your own material from the recording studio.

6. Patrons must sign in with library staff and show their library card each time they enter the Recording Studio.

7. Reservations are held for 15 minutes, after 15 minutes patrons must reschedule.

8. When booking the studio, patrons agree to accept full responsibility for the condition of the studio and technology equipment as well as the group’s behavior during the use of the studio.

9. Patrons can book the Recording Studio for up to two hours each day. Reservations can be made up to one week in advance.

10. Food and drink must remain outside of the studio.

11. Do not unplug or adjust equipment; ask a staff member for assistance if a problem occurs.

12. Up to four patrons allowed in the recording studio at one time.

13. Recording Studio users will follow all applicable intellectual property laws, including all copyright laws. Patrons are responsible for obtaining their own protections for any intellectual property developed in the studio.